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Clash of Clans: A Popular Game


Clash of clans is a massively multiplayer online strategy game that has been gaining popularity over the mobile world. It is developed and published by Supercell last 2012. Although it first gained access for iOS platforms, it was re-launched for Android users by 2013. The primary goal of this game is to be the player with the most trophies. The trophies are earned by either successfully defending your village against another player or by successfully attacking village of other players. The players that earn most trophies will gain high ranks and will be matched against another player that equals your rank and skills. Just like any other popular strategy game, the ultimate aim of this game is to rise and be on the top. Of course, this can be done through upgrading your village, training your soldiers and create strategies that will help in defending your village as well as attacking your opponents. Rising to the top of the game usually takes time and money. Although there is a clash of clans hack tool that can help you along the way.cc1

One of the main reasons why this game is so popular among mobile users in both Android and iOS platforms is because it is a game that is free to download. However, it has in-app purchases that will allow you to acquire gems and coins that are of significant value when playing the game. If you choose to not spend on real money when playing this clash of clan game, you also have the option to disable the settings for in-app purchases. This option works well for parents who let their children play the game without allowing them to splurge on real cash for items that are available in the in-app store as the game progresses.ccc

Another reason is that the game allows you to interact and play with players across the globe. Aside from playing against players from all over the world, you also have the ability to team up with them in your clan. This feature will help you learn strategies from your teammates and also share your tactics with them.